The lighting in photography

Art photography covers many aspects. But the most important is light. The proper lighting can capture the depth, shape and texture. What's interesting, it also allows you to change the object each time extracting other features. You can control light in a photo studio. The outdoor requires knowledge about natural phenomena and their impact on the image.

Outdoor will appear on a photo well with gentle and soft light. To shoot park or garden is best to choose a day when the sky is not clouded. The least liked by the photographers light is blue, which occurs on cloudy days. Taking pictures in such weather requires the use of a tripod and longer exposure time. Also pay attention to the balance sheet of white. It is similar in case of sunrise and sunset. When printing pictures of this beautiful phenomenon it is better to buy good quality paper, otherwise colors may not be quite as intense.

However, when the natural light makes it difficult to take good pictures, you should use a flash. Well-used flash increases the value of photography and helps control the shadows on the individual items. Cameras that have a built-in flash also work well when you take well-lit photos. It should be remembered that the object must be within 3 to 4 meters from the camera. If you set the object closer than 2 meters after taking the picture, it will be overexposed. Photo with object at a distance of over 4 meters will be darkened.

Photographed people should not look into the lens. Looking to the side helps avoiding unaesthetic red-eye effect. It is worth to additionally light the person to make the image fully clear. Shooting mass events like concerts and sport, where artificial lighting is used, requires flash. In the pictures only objects that are the closest will be bright, and the rest dark. And yet it is the most important to capture the pitch or scene.


Photographic skills need work. It is necessary to have detailed knowledge of camera functions and adapt them to scenery. Well set sensitivity and shutter, depending on the type of images, gives the desired effect. In addition, a sharp focus photography can be improved by using special image manipulation software. They help to eliminate some deficiencies, changing the contrast or light filling of the entire plan.