Pictures in motion

A good picture must create emotions, focus attention and surprise. It is difficult to adequately capture a particular moment and transfer dynamics to photography, especially when the object is in motion. The best effect is when the main object is sharp and parallel background is blurred. But this is a difficult task. Expression of the motion is also enhanced when the most important point in the picture is slightly blurred.

The main principle of taking pictures in motion is the correct speed of the lens relative to the photographed object. It is best when is identical. Therefore the difference between the speeds should be minimal, though not always possible. The photo shows the item in the background of blurred streaks, such as a speeding car on the road. When an object is approaching, it is worth holding a finger on the trigger shutter and take few images in order to capture the process of moving.

Photography in motion requires specific equipment. Thanks to it, the photos will be of the highest quality and minor deficiencies will not be as noticeable. It is best to use a telephoto lens with focal length 35 mm. Normal lens must have a long focal length, more than 100 mm. It is necessary to explore the features and settings of the camera for focus and image stability (it can spoil the smooth image) to be flawless in operation. However, regarding the ISO, the best is 1/15 s. For the extremely fast objects 1/125 s can be used.

Unwanted camera movement can be easily eliminated - simply by using a tripod. Monopods are ideal, although you can use a tripod with ball head, which will rotate around an axis. Sharpness at high levels can be achieved in continuous autofocus tracking enabled. With so prepared equipment, photo shooting of moving objects will be much easier. And its effect will be fully professional. It remains only to choose a good topic and you can polish your skills as photographer.